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How it works

An efficient battery management ecosystem to maximize economics along the value chain.

Reverse Logistics Battery Supply

Repurposed batteries secured, labelled, and packed for shipment to Samsar’s distribution center. NthLife™ Battery Passport Created.

Samsar Distribution Center

Repurposed battery supply is screened, sorted, binned, certified, and packed for NthLife™ battery assembly. Battery Passport updated.

​NthLife™ Module/Pack Assembly & Deployment

NthLife™ battery modules and packs are assembled and deployed into new markets. NthLife™ Battery Passport updated.

NthLife™ Battery Monitoring & Control

NthLife™  Battery performance is tracked, monitored and controlled during full tenure. NthLife™ Battery Passport updated.

NthLife™ Battery Economic Evaluation

NthLife™ Battery performance is evaluated to determine if it is capable to continue into a new market (repeat phase 1-5) or transitioned to our partner for environmentally friendly recycling.

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